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We are based right here in Milton Keynes. We have our very own purpose built wrapping workshop.
We wrap vehicles of all types, from commercial van wraps to smart car wraps. From lorry wraps to bikes wraps even double decker bus wraps.

What are car wraps?

A vinyl wrap or car wrap is a word used most of the time in marketing. It means to part cover (wrap) or fully covers a vehicle in a solid colour or advert.

Digital Car Wraps

Wraps are made by adding a digital print on to large sheets of vinyl. These are then used like a decal and are often called digital wraps. They are vibrant, eye catching vehicle graphics and they look very professional.

Colour Change Car Wraps

It is also possible to change the colour of a vehicle not using paint but only vinyl. We do this by using a coloured sheet of vinyl available from 3M and this service is called colour change. Other special types of vinyl are also used, which include carbon fibre wraps and matt vinyl wraps.

Smart Car Wraps

It is also possible to wrap a smart car for promotional and decorative use. Choose from our smart car wrap options which include Private Smart Car Wrap, Business Card Smart Car Wrap or a Business Ad Pro Smart Car Wrap. We Wrap Any Car MK are smart car wrap specialists in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

It is very easy to peel off a vinyl wrap and change the wrap for another one. This helps keep the cost of wrapping down and lets us have the option to make many more advert campaigns. Wraps also helps protect the paintwork on the body from scratches and stone chips.

Wraps are very suited to commercial and van wraps and we are experts in this sector.

Contact us for a quote on 01908 921900 or via our contact us page.

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